The Building Process

Regardless of the final art form, be it fine gold jewelry, bronze race cars or full size human figures, the processes involved in the "lost wax" casting method are basically the same. The three car body shapes and larger components were sculpted in clay and then used to form rubber or silicone molds to reproduce the original art work in wax. After detail finishing of each wax pattern, the piece is submerged in a slurry of investment material, which after curing, is placed in a furnace where the wax is melted out of the investment mold. This is where the term "lost wax" originates, and it's this burning out process that provides the cavity in the mold for the molten bronze to be poured into.

All of the smaller engine and suspension components are fabricated entirely by hand using various metals such as brass, aluminum or silver. These original patterns are then encased in a rubber material and vulcanized in a hot press to produce a rubber mold. Hot wax is injected into each mold to produce that component in wax, and the wax pieces are attached to a casting sprue and placed inside a stainless steel flask and immersed in a slurry of plaster like material. After furnace curing and wax burnout, the molten metal is poured into the flask with a vacuum assist. The investment is broken apart the the rough castings are ready to be filed, shaped and sanded to their final shape before the polishing phase begins!