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Trophies and Commissions

The Coppa Bella Macchina awards..
The Ferrari Club of America’s 2008 national convention held in Toronto marked the first year these plaques were distributed to all Coppa Bella class winners.These highly coveted FCA awards will remain the same for this year’s national meet to be hosted by the Chicago region. Only the design and event information on the medallions will change annually to reflect the FCA host region and year.

Chrysler Mosport 500.
These 1:10 scale Viper trophies were presented by Chrysler to the first place winners of the Mosport 500 IMSA race in 1996. The solid resin composite castings were finished in gold lacquer and included polished rear wings cast of silicon bronze. When presented with his Viper at the award ceremony, one winning driver remarked that this “sure beats owning another glass fruit bowl”. We agree. 

Fangio Award.

This Maserati 250F was commissioned as the 1st place Juan Fangio award for Historic Monoposto Racing in 2003. Also 1:10 scale, the sculptures are comprised of solid resin castings, bronze, brass , wood and stainless steel wire. Both the Viper and Maserati trophies are mounted to revolving ball bearing turntables.   

The Prancing Horse.

2008 will mark the 3rd consecutive year that we've been selected to build the Ferrari Club's class awards for the Canadian FCA annual convention.  Shown in the gallery are the 2006 award recipients.

Fun Stuff.

We do fun stuff, too.

This garage diorama was built as a special gift for the guy who has everything, or, almost everything.

It replicates his actual garage with all of its assorted paraphernalia right down to the floor jack, work bench and garden hose. We even recreated the backyard view as seen out the window.

The Porsches were created by ceramic sculptor, Craig Booth. 

If it exists in real life, we can re-create it in miniature.




FCA Coppa Bella Macchina Award


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Fangio Award Gallery

Ferrari Club Awards
Ferrari Club Awards

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