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1:6 Scale Ferraris


These 1:6 scale cars are made entirely by hand and are assembled from solid resin composites, wood, and brass.  They are finished in multiple layers of acrylic lacquer. Measuring approximately 26” in length, each weighs about 25 lbs.


They are available as individually commissioned sculptures, in limited editions of 15 each.  Presently, three of the 310B’s are available and four each of the 333SP and F50 GT1 remain.  While the 310B requires the 18” x 33” mounting plinth shown, its use is optional for the 333 and F50. 


For a more complete description of these 1:6 scale cars, read Marc Sonnery’s review and the Autoweek article in the editorial section of the web site.


The F1 310B.  This gallery sequence shows the level of detail incorporated in building these cars, from the removable wheels, to the hand painted details such as Michael Schumacher’s helmet and driver’s suit.


The dioramic painting with the 310B in the foreground, commemorates the Ferrari victory at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1997.  This framed three dimensional display is 16” deep at the center, allowing the 310B sculpture to sit in the foreground.  Having just passed the McLaren of David Coulthard, Schumacher is shown in pursuit of Damon Hill’s Williams with the Montreal skyline clearly visible in the background.  The overall dimensions of this one-off diorama are 40” x 23” minus the outer frame.


The 1998 333SP.  Built in the same manner and scale as the F1 car, the 333 utilizes more wood in its construction.  The entire wing, floor pan, and most of the cockpit details are made of hand carved wooden components.  The driver is sculpted and finished entirely by hand and maintains the same level of detail apparent in the Schumacher figure.  The bodywork on this sculpture is configured to represent the 1998 Daytona 24 hour winning Momo 333SP of Gianpiero Moretti.


1996 F50 GT1.  Produced in the same manner, scale and weight as the previous cars in the series, the F50 dimensions are 9 1/2 “ x 25” and the weight is 24 lbs. 


Clicking through the sequence, the F50’s shown side by side are mounted on two differently finished and optional wood framed plinths.  Although the GT1 is a hard top, the sculpture has been constructed with a removable top to display the interior detail.  Next, the highly detailed driver and cockpit are ready to be installed in this gallery sequence photo.  And the F50’s identity is revealed in the early stages of development as evidenced by the familiar shapes apparent in this roughed out wooden pattern.


Entitled “Tifosi Dreamscape,” the F50 sits within a hand-painted diorama depicting the 24 Hours of LeMans for which the real car was originally intended to compete.  Also produced as a one-off art piece, this elaborately detailed painting depicts an F50 leading a 333 down the hill from the Dunlop Bridge with the amusement park displayed prominently in the background. 

The 333 SP also fits nicely into this diorama.


While the dioramas were originally intended to be mounted within an appropriately sized wall opening, they may also be displayed as a free standing art piece.


The 1:6 scale cars vary between $6700 and $7800 depending on the sculpture and the optional hardwood framed mounting bases.  Either of the dioramic paintings is available for $4500 U.S.  Contact me for further details on available options for each.



310B F1 Gallery



333 SP Gallery

F50 GT1 Gallery

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